The elanshop.gr website is the official website created by the company with the name “PETROCHILOU ARIADNI” located in Lagonisi 19010 Attica,  approved by the Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping and (General Secretariat for Consumer Affairs, Consumer Protection Division) with Suppliers Registration Number, in order to sign "contracts of distance" in accordance with the Article 4 of the Law. 2251/94.

The site aims to provide immediate information about its produced products, making it possible to perform their remote online ordering and interactive communication between visitors and the Company, through the annotation and their preferred choices to particular species, drawing applications of social network.

Contact Information Company:

Tel.: + 30 6906123738

E-Mail: elanevents@hotmail.co.uk


These terms of operation and use of elanshop.gr website are binding corporate rules, which maintain and enforce the company in supplying the following information society services to users. These terms are fully compliant with the current European and Greek law and non-compliance by website users or third parties for them involves removing all liability of the Company in relation to any affected natural or legal persons. Users recognize the right of the Company to change at any time the content of the website without informing users. However, the Company cannot alter the terms of trade unilaterally, without previously informing the users through the Site. The user who visits the website acknowledges that he read the present conditions, agrees with them and undertakes the obligation to comply with these terms, both under the contract drawn up with their acceptance, as well as his general obligation for enforcement.


All information transmitted by users to the website is confidential. In particular, the Company in order to safeguard your personal data and online transactions has taken the following mechanisms – security methods:

a) Identification and Authorization User Input:

In order to make any electronic transaction with the Company, the account creation is necessary on our website. To access this account, to supplement the input password (username) and the security code (password) are required, which you select and you acknowledge.

b) Use SSL Technology (Secure Sockets Layer):

It is a communication protocol, which encrypts the information with the use of a key 128 bits (in the page of the bank we cooperate), coming from your terminal until they reach the site server where they are decrypted. With this method you protect your personal data as they cannot be read or altered in transit on the Internet while at the same time the integrity and authenticity (Integrity – Authenticity) of the transmitted information are verified.

c) Reference to the electronic address of Facebook (Facebook Link):

The visitor of the website has the possibility, in the technically allowed fields, to intervene expressing his opinion on hanging elements by applying “Like” which is provided for users who have an account on the social networking service “Facebook”. The operation of this application, which includes presentation – labeling on the user’s profile on “Facebook”, premises that the statement “Like” on the website of the Company, should be governed solely by the terms of this social networking service, which are beyond the sphere of responsibility of the Company.


The minors’ collection, use and disclosure of personal data is done only after expressing written consent of parents or guardians. However, the Company assumes no responsibility for any false filing data when completing the user registration form.


Our website uses cookies, like most sites on the web, in order to recognize the user and offer personalized services. The cookies are text files stored on the hard disk of the User and receive no knowledge of any document or file from his computer. They are used to facilitate user access to certain services of the Site, for statistical purposes, in order to define the areas in which the Company’s services are useful or popular or for marketing purposes. The user can configure the server (browser) in such a way as to warn him of the use of cookies in specific services of the Website or to refuse the acceptance of cookies in any case. If the user of the services of the Website does not want cookies to identify him, he cannot have further access to these services.


All the content of the Site, including images, graphics, photographs, texts, services provided sounds, videos, names, logos, distinguishing marks, products and all the files are copyright works, trademarks and trademarks of the Company or and its affiliates and are protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek and Community law and international conventions. Therefore, it is expressly prohibited any copying, republication, loading, analog / digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transmission, downloading, processing, resale, creation or misleading of joint production, about the actual provider of the website content.


The Company cannot guarantee the availability of the ordered products. However, in the absence of availability, we undertake to notify you within a reasonable time of placing your order. The Company reserves the right for any technical or typographical errors in the characteristics of the products which have escaped the attention or occur unintentionally or due to any of the Website downtime of force majeure. In addition, the Company is liable only for malice and gross negligence against users of non-performance of the order or delay in delivery of the ordered products. Furthermore, it reserves the time of delivery in cases of force majeure (eg bad weather conditions, strikes etc.). The Company assumes no responsibility, positive or negative, direct or indirect, arising from any inability to use the website as well as errors, interruptions, defects or delays in operation of the Site or the transmission of information via the internet. The Company is not responsible for technical problems that may occur to users in accessing and using the Site, which are related to the compatibility of the their infrastructure with the Site or any "viruses" or other harmful components contained in the websites.



Our website operates in accordance with the provisions of the Law. 2251/1994 regarding “Consumer Protection” as well as according the specified in the number Z-1 496/2000 decision as far remotely marketing goods and services are concerned. The use of Web services involves no extra charge beyond the current tariff scheme for general access to the internet paid to the relevant third party suppliers only. The Company reserves the right to refuse reservation or order fulfillment, as long as it notifies the reasons, such prejudice or denial, within a reasonable period of time. In case of any problem, complaint, observation etc., which arises during the use of the Website, the user should immediately inform the Company.


To purchase products from our website follow these steps:

1) Select from the list of products specific product codes and place them in your basket.

2) Fill the order details, e.g. payment method, shipping address.

3) Inspect the overall picture of your order.

4) Accept the terms of use.

5) Give the final order of your order.

In case of error during the above steps, select the “Back” choice to return to the previous step and make any necessary corrections.


The Company makes every effort to present with the greatest accuracy the available products and their essential characteristics. The company has made every effort to depict with accuracy the actual colors of the products when they appear on the Website. Our Company is not responsible and does not guarantee the absolute accuracy of the display of the product colors on the user’s computer screen as this depends on the characteristics of the screen and the computer.


Your orders are archived electronically and you can take note of your order content, as long as you wish it. The use of this website is according to the user’s sole responsibility. We are not responsible for malicious third party intervention. Visitors to the website commit themselves not to harm others with malicious use of the Site and that they will not violate their privacy.


The price of each product is indicated in the lists next to each product. All prices include the legal VAT. The Company reserves the right to adjust prices without notice.


You can pay your order in any of the following ways:

a) Payment by Credit or Prepaid Card:

Our website accepts the following cards: visa, visa electron, mastercard and maestro.

b) Payment upon receipt of your order at your place / Cash On Delivery

Payment by the method of C.O.D. does not apply to deliveries abroad.

c) Payment by bank transfer

You can pay for your order through bank transfer according to the instructions during the buying procedure.


a) Delivery of products:

The delivery of the ordered products takes place from Monday to Friday within 1-5 working days from the date of the order, from 9:00 to 19:00 in Greece and from 10:00 to 18:00 for the distribution of our products in the European Union countries, to the address you provide when completing your information. The Company is not responsible in case of delay or failure to deliver, which is due to force majeure (bad weather conditions, strikes, etc.), but it must inform you in order to define whether you want to complete the transaction under new conditions.

b) Delivery costs:

Shipping costs are as follows:

The transport costs for Greece are 3€. For orders higher than 90€ there are no transport costs.


Withdrawal / Return – Replacement of Products. You have the right to return the product within 14 calendar days justifying the reason for its return. The returned product must be in its original condition and you will not be charged for the return costs. In order to return a product, please complete and send the relevant form (back sheet) which was shipped with the product as well as the sales receipt. The refund is made within one week from the date we receive the returned product, in the same way the payment was made, except from the case of C.O.D., in which we will deposit your money in an account you indicate. If you do not like something either it was defective or does not correspond with the product of your order, you have the right to request replacement of the product to another number and / or another color. In order for the return to be successful:

a) the returned product must be in the condition it was received, that is, complete, without damage, its packaging should be the right one which accompanies the product, including all labels / tags, necessary documents etc. and in any case not used and

b) the returned product should be accompanied by the relevant purchase documents (retail receipt & return slip.)

If the above conditions are not fulfilled the product will be returned to you at your own expense. On the other hand, as long as the return / replacement of the product occurs because of demonstrated defectiveness of the product, the shipping costs of the new product or the refund your money, are borne by the Company. The Company is liable for damages in the absence of an agreed capacity or a defect, only if this has been caused by its fault. Any damage suffered by the product during its return to us, rests solely to you. To avoid any inconvenience, we advise you, at the time of the delivery of your product, to check carefully the condition of the products and the intact packaging and label in order to detect any obvious defects. Finally, for your convenience, in case of returning an ordered product, we suggest you contact previously with the customer service on the phone 2130122848.


The users of our website have the obligation not to use the website in order to send, post or transmit any unlawful message. Users are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of the input code (username) and password (password) of their account. Furthermore, they are responsible for the careful use of their account, the standard output from the account at the end of each use and any act performed by their account. The users should carefully check the information provided as well as the suitability of the products they wish to order before completing the transaction. The users are committed to follow faithfully the laws concerning the transmission of data from Greece and Europe to third countries


The posting comments at authorized annotation fields require approval by the administrator of the website. However, the Company has no obligation screening content posted under the relevant provisions of PD 131/2003. In any case, as long as the comment is not in accordance with the following terms, it will not be posted on the website or it can be removed after its potential posting.

Users and reviewers should respect:

a) the minors, the elderly, people with disabilities and health problems, as long as these properties are known to the commentator,

b) the reputation of the company by avoiding spreading allegations that are not true or comments that are not based on facts,

c) the rules of fair competition, which does not allow a website posting comments degrading to other companies or even comparable to the products and services of the company with other companies,

d) the presumption of innocence, that is, non-incrimination before a final conviction for an offense punishable by law,

e) people who are in a state of mourning, mental shock and pain as well as those who have apparently psychic problem, avoiding to show their individuality.

Freedom of expression allows for sharp criticism, but not insult, defamation, defamation and insult of the other’s personality. The suspension commentary website in outside the scope of social networking services is governed by the terms of each S.N.S. However, in case of violation of these terms, the Company reserves the right to initiate any appropriate procedure to restore its reputation and to avoid infringement of its rights or third party rights. If a person or organization considers themselves wronged by a commenting visitor of the website, he must notify the company, following the grievance procedure as provided above. The Company will consider the complaint and it is committed to withdraw any offence immediately. Only if the aggrieved visitor of the website has not followed the above procedure and not his rights have not been satisfied, he is entitled to claim them following the legal proceedings.


For any dispute arising from the use of the services or for any other reason between the user and the company, the Greek law is applicable and the courts of Athens are competent. In case of a dispute, as far as the terms and conditions between the user and the company are concerned, the first is obliged, before initiating any legal action, to contact the Company within fifteen (15) days from the occurrence of the relevant events. The failure of compliance with this condition shall constitute a breach of essential contractual provision concluded between the user and the company. The authentic text of these terms of use and regulation of operation is the original Greek text. The website is provided with an official translation in English. If there are discrepancies, the Greek version of the translation follows.

For any information, question, complaint filing, we urge you to use the “Contact”.